The new Audi Q7 2017 celebrated as many as Audi small step towards a huge step forward for each sports utility vehicle. Some of the highlights to expect incredible clear and visceral 3D audio system provide impressive diesel and petrol power, high quality and comfortable interior, and top-shelf infotainment options. We need new and updated 2017 Audi Q7 expected early next year, according to industry experts.


The crossover sports utility vehicle five or seven passengers is certainly great. The vehicle blends well with the fairly comfortable ride and sporty at the same time beautiful and well-equipped cabin, which is located a few unique vehicles of its kind. It comes with a wide range of assistance to the optional guide and standard systems.

For those who are keeping an eye on the past Q7, flirt, we all know that the vehicle is making sales difficult time because of his advanced age, luckily for her fans thrilled 2017 redesigns undoubtedly revive his lost glory. The vehicle was completely redesigned for 2017, the mid-size luxury SUV is one of the flagship Audi crossover vehicles this year aligned.

Despite careful work and refreshments, the vehicle of the previous Q7, but still remembers the pitch is now shorter and longer than before. In addition, the vehicle is now 0.5 “narrower than its predecessor and despite its small size, the vehicle has a spacious interior.

Interior & Exterior updates Changes – 2017 Audi SQ7

By 2016, the vehicle has, thanks to the multi-material body made progress in shedding weight in more than did 157lbs lighter than before. Audi’s engineers have also equipped with a lighter frame.

The official Audi United States, in an exclusive interview with us, he told us that the vehicle is now 575 pounds compared to the current model is spreading, but the configuration. Some of the features of the new leather-awaited and updated Q7 include upholstery, 18 “alloy wheels, wood and aluminum accents, LED headlights, automatic wipers, Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, LED rear lights, leather steering wheel, automatic wipers, chrome grille, adjustable headrest, updated infotainment system and heated front seats.

Interior & Exterior updates Changes - 2017 Audi Q7

Inside, the car comfortable, luxurious and quiet. For buyers who complete top-heavy crave is the increase of the driving position, without feeling. Furthermore, the vehicle offers different suspension settings. The comfort setting, in particular, offers an experience plush ride that every user has a serene driving experience.

The decision for setting the dynamic chassis moves the transmission system a bit ‘sharper steering and finely tuned. Furthermore, the vehicle feels sporty and most of the shock is absorbed, so dissolve each cabin nervousness.

The supercharged V6 has proven to be the particularly useful tool when it comes to uphill tasks such as moving these SUV giant mountains and rocky terrain.

2017 engine data of Audi SQ7

Under the bonnet of the new Audi Q7 and strengthened in 2017 is a walloping three engines, customers can choose from. The first is a 2L 4-cylinder turbo engine, with this engine provides its output power 252 and 273 pounds of torque are.

expect Subsequently, a V6 3L load of 333 horses and 325 Nm of torque. Finally, evaluation is a 3L V6 turbodiesel with 272 horsepower and 443 pounds of torque, they do it to the top-of-the-line trim. All motors are to an automatic 8-speed transmission system with Quattro AWD system of levers and steering wheel paddle paired.

2017 engine data of Audi Q7

The 3.0L TDI is expected to 60 mph from a standstill in 6.5 seconds for the sprint. However, the V6 is equal to about 6.3 seconds. With regard to EPA estimates, expect the TDI fuel sipping a 41.3 mpg fuel economy ratings have / combined, will be evaluated on the opposite side, the TFSI to 30.5 mpg.

Price and release date of the new 2017 Audi Q7

We should not expect that the 2017 Audi Q7 to hit US dealers this fall, as a vehicle for Audi in January next year will be told to the ground. To date, no pricing information has not yet been released, but we expect to raise the vehicle by several hundred dollars compared to the previous model, both the 3.0L TDI and 3.0L TFSI.

Fortunately, however, the new 2.0L turbo model should be expected in less than the standard model existing 3.0T that must be set back at a recommended price of about $ 49,225.